News Letter

The Ontario Police Museum captures the rich history of the Ontario Police Department's over 100 years of service to the community. The museum also covers the early beginnings of many other departments in the County of San Bernardino.

The displays go back to when there was one officer chasing criminals on foot down the wooden sidewalks. The Museum gives visitors an insider's look at the dedicated men and women called to serve. Visitors learn about the vehicles, law enforcement techniques, crime scene investigations and weapons the police have used throughout four centuries of police work.

The exhibits in the Museum highlight the unique law enforcement challenges that have shaped the department as the city has grown. Visitors also receive a first hand look into the inner workings of today's force with interactive exhibits featuring crime scene investigations.

By becoming a member of the Museum, you are showing your appreciation of Ontario's place in the rich culture called "Law Enforcement".

Join the Ontario Police Museum now and enjoy the privileges of membership while helping to promote respect for the law.