Lest We Forget

These four fallen heroes served the community of Ontario and we proudly remember these officers with local streets named in their honor. To learn more about officers across California and the rest of the nation who gave it all in the line of duty, please visit the following links:

Police Officer Richard Mason Hyche

EOW: Wednesday, October 15, 1975

Police Officer Richard Hyche was shot and killed from ambush by a man with a rifle in the area of 916 Deodar Street.

An off-duty officer had spotted the man, who was wanted for murder, walking along I-10. When backup officers arrived they came under fire from the man who had made it to an apartment complex. When Officer Hyche arrived on the scene he stopped to ask a grounds person for information. As he was doing so the man shot him from the corner of one of the buildings. The suspect was eventually apprehended and convicted of Officer Hyche's murder. The suspect was sentenced to life-imprisonment in San Quentin.

Officer started his career with Ontario Police Department on July 23, 1971.

Officer Hyche had served with the Ontario Police Department for four years and had previously served with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office for two years. He was survived by his wife and three children.

Detective Russell G. Grower

EOW: Friday, February 21, 1958

Detective Russell Grower was shot and killed as he and two other detectives from separate agencies went to Soquel Canyon to investigate a gang of tire thieves.

When a suspect answered the door of his cabin he attempted to shut it on Detective Grower when he identified himself as a police officer. The suspect stated “I got no time for cops”and started to shut the door. The suspect then shot Detective Grower in the head.

The suspect, an escapee from a mental hospital, was apprehended the next day. He was returned to a maximum security prison for the criminally insane.

Detective Grower was survived by his wife and three children.

Reserve Officer Louis Dulisse

EOW: Thursday, March 18, 1954

Reserve Officer Louis Dulisse was shot and killed after he and his partner responded to a robbery in progress at the Casa Blanca Hotel at 210 South Fern Avenue.

Two suspects were inside of the hotel and a third was acting as a getaway driver. When Officer Dulisse's partner entered the hotel he was taken hostage by the two suspects. When backup officers arrived Officer Dulisse gave up his cover to warn them of the situation. The suspects inside opened fire, striking Officer Dulisse. Officer Dulisse did not return fire for fear of striking his partner.

All three suspects were apprehended. Two of them served only five years in prison. The third suspect was sentenced to life but released after serving only 17 years.

Officer Dulisse was survived by his wife, daughter, and two sons.

Police Officer Bernard Green

EOW: Friday, June 15, 1951

On June 14, 1951 suspect a, a 45 year old wife beater, attempted to run over a Constable in Yermo as the Constable was attempting to place him under arrest. On June 15, 1951a SBSO Deputy spotted the suspect in Fontana and high speed pursuit ensued. The Ontario Police Department set up a road block on Highway 99 (Holt Boulevard). Officer Green responded as ordered and setup his patrol unit on Highway 99 just west of Bon View with his red lights on. As the pursuit entered Ontario it reached speeds between 90 -100 mph. When the suspect reached the intersection where Officer Green was parked, he did not slow down. He purposely struck Green’s unit directly in the rear, bursting the car’s gas tank and hurling into a cement truck. Officer Bernard Green was killed when his patrol car was intentionally struck at over 90 mph by a fleeing suspect.

The man was being chased for assaulting his wife and for attempting to run over a constable. Officer Green set up a roadblock in the area of Highway 99 and Bon View Avenue. The driver of the vehicle veered into Officer Green's cruiser.

The driver was charged with murder.